Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mommy's Birthday ♥

Posted by Cindy Aisyah Firdiah at 11:12 AM

happy birthday mommy, all the best for you.
Saturday morning, My family and I went to the Puncak, we have go there several times but not boring ;). We enjoy our vacation, we went to Cimory, play, buy something, and etc. Next, We pray at the Atta'awun Mosque, theview is very good. then, We reserv a room in hotel Bukit Indah. We have fun at there, play, sport, swimming, eat, take picture, enjoy the view, and walking around the hotel.

 baru dateng, tea time ;)

 main Billiards

 at Children's Playground
ok that it is, nice vacation, once again Happy birthday mommy..


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